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The Sage Accounting App gives you the mobility and flexibility to go about your business on the go. Download the Sage Accounting app and tick off some admin wherever and whenever it feels right ALWAYS ONLINECreate and send quotes to customers or respond to suppliers on the move MANAGE INVOICESTake pictures of completed jobs and attach files to invoices as …

Quickbooks – Apps That Drive Efficiency

linda Quickbooks

Quickbooks efficiencies are to be talked about. They are continually upgrading their offering to help you to save time and money. With improved connectivity there’s less to remember to do – why not take a look at some of the newest Quickbooks Apps developments

Google and Small Businesses

linda Small Business

It’s always great when large organisations take the time to help smaller businesses. Google’s new ‘Open for Business’ initiative will hopefully provide some support at a time when it’s sorely needed.

SO What’s New

linda Small Business

So what’s new for businesses and employees struggling in this pandemic

We’re In This Together

linda Small Business

Well more changes were announced yesterday – I guess that change is the new norm. But whatever happens we are in this together and if we pull together we’ll get through. This article says it well

What Makes Hermit Business Solutions Different?

linda Accountancy General

Hi there as we start a new exciting week in these strange times 🙂 What makes one accountancy firm different to another? After all we all did the same training, passed the same exams. What can Hermit offer that the others don’t? Well I would say that our USP is our excitement and commitment to your business. We’re not here …

The Price of Experience

linda Accountancy General

Hi there 🙂 Clients sometimes ask how we price for the work which we do? Well, there will always be someone who will do the job cheaper but will it be the same job? I couldn’t express the value of knowledge and experience better than the story of the turning of the screw.

What do Clients Want?

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Hi there 🙂 What do clients want from an accountant? How do you decide on whether an accountant will be a good fit for your business when you may not even really know what is required or what is available? Well here are a few pointers from the experts. Hopefully you’ll want to find out whether Hermit fits the bill …